Prospective Applicants Registration

Use this page to create a new Applicant user account. After creating your account, you will be able to complete your Online Application and apply to the Fellowship Programs listed on our site.

All CU Fellowship Programs that utilize the EUSFellowships website will participate in the NMRP match program this year. Applicants can view the Match information and dates. (View) as well as the registration support guide (Download). There is also a short Match process video (View video) available they applicants may wish to view. All applicants participating in the CU Fellowships Match must register with the NRMP.

The SCUF Application fee is $45 for up to 8 programs and then and additional $5 fee for each additional program. The SCUF Application fee is entirely separate from NRMP Match process fee.

As we have for the last decade, SCUF will continue to provide the fellowship application service. SCUF essentially serves the role of ERAS for CU Fellowship Match. Individual CU Fellowships will continue to contact applicants independently to set up interviews. There is no Interview Broker or other mandatory scheduling service needed for our small CU Fellowships community. Additionally, the NRMP will not provide a Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) for the CU Fellowship Match. Applicants will be provided a list of CU Fellowship Program with unfilled positions on Match Day and can contact the programs directly.
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